First Off, I would like to thank My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving
me this talent to Change Lives Worldwide..

My Wife Vera for standing along side of me through this Journey
and her total support and guidance. Our Son Aaron truly a gift from
My Parents Lyrie and Gladys Duhart for the wisdom that they bestowed
upon me, always working hard, doing right by people, and demanding
nothing less than the BEST in me…

My siblings, Lauren, Greg, Dave and Phil for their encouragement..

Last and not Least..
My Strategic Business Coach John Di Lemme for his stretching
me to a level that I never knew I could go, and being a True
Friend to tell me the Truth when I didn’t want to hear IT…

My name is George K Duhart..
I am the CEO of the World Famous George Gee’s All Purpose BBQ Sauce..
George Gee’s was started over 70 years ago when my Dad Lyrie Duhart
at the age of 12 was told by a neighborhood man…”If you want to have
Great BBQ Sauce you have to make IT Yourself”..
Fast forward to the Summer of 2005 and that is when we decided to take
the advice that was passed on to my Dad over 70 years ago to Develop
George Gee’s All Purpose BBQ Sauce…

What a ride this has been experimenting with different ingredients
to come up with the BBQ Sauce we have to share with the WORLD!!!

We look forward to Building Long Term Business Relationships with
all of our customers, and giving them the BEST in Every Jar…

George K Duhart
CEO of the World Famous George Gee’s All Purpose
BBQ Sauce

  1. Jim Dupre says:

    George, This is an AWESOME Story. Thank you for sharing. You are a Fired Up Champion

  2. Hey Champion George… this is a great story and a great website, You are awesome… keep up the great work you are doing in all areas of your life. Thanks for being the Champion that you are and for changing lives around the world. The world is a better place because of you! Blessings my friend!

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