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Thank goodness my Mama wasn’t here at the dinner table because I  absolutely would have slapped her hard!!!


Georgee’s BBQ sauce is  the planets best!!!


Dorcie Farkash, Texas

Dear George and Vera,

Your barbecue sauce and recipe was a hit! I fed ten tonight during our family visit and I made Vera’s barbecue chicken recipe. My brother kept licking his lips and saying “excellent!” My sister in law and brother asked where could they get some! My nephew loved it and so did his girlfriend. It was a huge hit! I will give everyone your contact info to place their orders.

Thanks Again! We all love your BBQ Sauce and we’re so glad you are selling it! Definitely BBQ Sauce of Champions!


Nicole B., Florida

“Thanks for the book and wonderful sauce George!!
It was great on our pork chops!!
I can’t even say that I’d slap my momma because she’d seriously slap me back!!
Love ya much!!”

Deborah P., Ohio

Hello George It was good seeing you at the Why Warrior Weekend
I wanted to let you know that I did receive the shipment of barbecue sauce. I used some yesterday in my turkey burger mix your sauce gives turkey burgers a great flavor . George Gee’s Barbecue Sauce is awesome I definitely will be purchasing some more.

Mark Mac Fadden , FL

Thank you for checking to make sure I got the sauce. It came right away and we’ve been enjoying it.
Wow… what great taste!

Kind regards,
Jacquie Willman-Wagner, AL

Hey George!

Thanks for the follow-up and for the accolades!

Sauce received and being delectably eaten on a daily basis. Went to party last night and Barbara Burns brought a sample and people raved. Wanted to know how to get it. What’s the best way to get people to you?

Trish Carr, FL

Hi George,
“Love the broccoli slaw made with Gerorge Gee’s sauce!!!!!!!”

Christa Scatena Krzeminski, FL

Woo-Hoo! I love it, gonna make some Turkey Meat Chili tonite.
Thanks George

Nancy Matthews, FL

Hey George,
Thank you I really appreciate that! By the way I’m already done with one bottle and halfway through the other!!! Everyone I had try it, loved it! I’ll definitely be picking up another order soon.


Dez Flomer, MN

“Hey there Mr Duhart!!!! How are you? Long time no see. I hope things are well with you and your family. OMG I must get some of your BBQ Sauce because believe me I remember that great taste! Whew, my mouth is watering…..”

Margo Griffin, MA

Hi George. Well what I like best about the sauce is a bit difficult to answer because it has the sweet, tangy, spicyness that all my family really liked. Including my picky 20 year old son. The added bonus is that it didn’t run off the food onto the grill. It stayed put. Majorly awesome!! Really think you have a big hit with that sauce!!
Theresa R., CT

The BBQ Sauce is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louiesa Kansas City,MO

My son tried to take my large jar of the
World Famous ‘Georgie Gee’s Bar-B-Que Sauce’
and leave me the small after eating some ribs
with the World Famous ‘Georgie Gee’s Bar-B-Que Sauce’
on them. That’s my boy! He loves Bar-B-Que especially
ribs (also Nita’s son-in-law).
It’s Awesome!
Dr. Benny, TN

Thanks again for the BBQ sauce-it is delicious!
God Bless,
Vicki Wissig, NY